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The NH365 events network is transitioning to an updated, mobile-friendly platform between now and Sept. 30th. To enter an event, visit

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The Story

In the spring of 2008, members of NH's arts and cultural community recognized how difficult it was to promote their events to all of NH's media. Every media company had its own calendar, with an online form to complete. These theater groups, museums, and artists did not have the resources to get to them all.

When NH's media heard about the problem, they came together to solve it. They developed a one-stop calendar solution for the state's arts and cultural groups, and any other organization that holds events in NH.

Sports teams, theaters, non-profit groups, churches, garden clubs - everyone can enter events into a form on or a participating site and have it shared around the state.

If a user registers their organization, they also get a homepage within the calendar network for their group or venue. When they post new events they accumulate on these pages so these event promoters can easily share them with a link that never changes or expires. These pages receive the branding of the participating media organization through which the user is accessing the network.

Media participants include:

Features & Benefits
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The Advisory Council
As a reflection of its commitment to maintain an online calendar that works for its users, the Advisory Council formed. The council is comprised of representatives from the media and cultural organizations who use the calendar. Members will meet several times a year to provide feedback and suggestions for new technology and features.

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