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NH365 is a different approach to a community calendar for New Hampshire. Free registration allows you to: Events will be shared among a growing number of media participants, such as newspapers and radio stations. more...

The goal of this public-private partnership is to create a comprehensive, shared database of happenings in New Hampshire and beyond. more...

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The Product is an events calendar for NH & surrounding regions, plain and simple.

Any individual or organziation can post events and information about their group on the site for free. Then, the event is sent out to all participating media web sites in the network. It's one-stop shopping for events in and around the Granite State.

The Network
The events calendar and ad network is shared by media companies from around the region.

When you buy a web ad from one participant you'll have access to the combined audience of all our participants.

Click here for a list of participating web sites and print publications.

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For more information contact:
   Sarah Neveu
   603-668-4321, ext. 296

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